DiCarlo Jr


Hi there!

That is me, getting roasted at my wedding,

That is me, getting roasted at my wedding,


I'm DiCarlo Jr, who the hell are you?

I am Steve DiCarlo Jr, to be exact. I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, and trade-certified digital printing-press operator. I currently live in Baltimore, with my super talented and loving wife. I am a Nike fiend, a Simpsons fanatic, a lifelong hockey fan, and still play with my old Legos from my childhood. I am often found eating, cooking, drinking too much coffee, and discussing the intricacies of hockey jersey designs and logos with anyone who will listen. 

I also enjoy all types of printing, but particularly screen printing and digital offset. I am no stranger to working with my hands. I have years of experience operating, breaking, and then fixing heavy machinery and other expensive toys. I have used my love of print as a vehicle for my designs and illustrations.

I specialize in creating playful mascots, illustrations, strong logos, brand design, and graphic languages, with a strong affinity for sports design. I adore creating functional art. If you'd like to work on a project with me, hit that button below, and....